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Our long history with the Internet coupled with our knowledge of internet programming, database applications, and web design makes JMS an excellent choice for your Internet consulting needs. JMS is a full service Internet consulting company with many years of experience in the Internet ecommerce industry. Since 1993, we have enhanced over 5,000 web sites and have designed web applications for all types of business.

If your business is ready to expand, our 15 years of experience can take you to the next level. Are you looking for local sales or national sales? Our specialty is local sales. Many people think that because they only operate locally, that the Internet is of no use to them, that is false. Google, Yahoo, MSN and others now offer local advertising. For little money your business can reach anyone searching for your service on the internet, in your area!

There are over 2,000+ "yellow page" directories across the country, but, who uses them anymore? Anyone with a computer, will automatically go to your website before calling you. That is a fact. If you don't have a website, your credibility is lost. People want to see your website, and what you have to offer BEFORE calling you. Contact us for professional service.

JMS Websites and Domains For Sale:

AutoCart.com and AutoCart.net: These domains are being sold as a package. Currently they are being used as affiliate marketing sites only. AutoCart.com has been around for over 15 years and was originally used for the first Internet shopping cart system which we developed in 1993. If you do a search of "AutoCart" you will see that there are hundreds of sites still using AutoCart and still linking to AutoCart.com. We are asking $12,500 for both domains.

SecretGems.com: This domain is currently parked and hosted by us. We plan to develop the site into a jewelry sales site in the very near future. We will include a custom online ordering system with the purchase of the website. Our current asking price is $5,000, but may be more once we develop the site.

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